Welcome to KMS Performance // Dyno Academy!  

Our mission is to seek out the next generation of Performance Dyno Tuners. KMS Performance is expanding dyno tune operations NATIONWIDE!!! We are looking for the best to serve our customers because a Dyno is as only as good as it’s operator. To ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction, we have assembled the most comprehensive Dyno Technician Training Program in the World. There will be over 25 new job opportunities per year over the next 5 years and I want the best to represent KMS Performance high quality standards. My 20 years of devotion to my customers has focused on product quality, unmatched customer service, and most importantly: THE MOST PERFORMANCE PER DOLLAR! We value and honor the trust it takes for a customer to give us the opportunity to serve their performance needs. To give them what they expect and deserve, KMS has invested heavily into Dyno technician training and support. KMS Performance has mastered the Science in creating performance on a Dynamometer by analyzing information and putting it to work! To support our products and staff, our Dyno equipment and close relationship with Dynojet ensures we are tuning with the latest, state of the art products and equipment in the World at every location. This equipment and support is backed by 20 years of performance product development experience, national racing, innovative recognition, and +5000 dyno tunes…and counting! Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope to see you in class soon!!! – Kelly McLean

Classes:  Each class is 3 hrs. long with ½ hr. Q&A 

Scheduling is available online, or phone 602-442-4340 

No commitment 

Dyno tuning is not for everyone. We allow prospects to come to class and “play on the drum” without any obligation to continue.  

Job Opportunities

  • We are hungry for great people. We understand that most everyone will not understand 90% of how dyno tuning works and/or be “deer in the headlights” on tuning software. That’s were all this training leads to…a job and career.
  • Average pay is over $50,000 per year as a level 3 KMS Performance
  • National opportunities available 
  • Level 2 certification must be completed, tested and certified by KMS Performance for Job opportunity. We require this level of certification based upon the amount of Dyno time, required tuning experience, and software exposure required to serve our customer’s high-performance needs and our quality standards. Upon higher, you will receive more training one on one with an active KMS Dyno Tuner until you meet Level 3 certification. See KMS Dyno Tuner Certification. 
  • If you are selected to join the KMS Team, the KMS Academy classes will become available to you free of charge! 
  • KMS Dyno Technician Certification 
  • Testing occurs every week for those seeking employment.  
  • Free to test and be certified 
  • Forgiveness, we want you to succeed. If you do not meet KMS Standards, we allow free retaking of the course you attended.  

Small class sizes

  • In order to deliver this high degree of training, we limit class size so each individual gets an opportunity to perform lessons live on the drum 
  • All classes take place in an active retail KMS Dyno Location 
  • Our dyno locations are standardized for productivity, clean work environment, safety, and customer interaction.  
  • As we are looking to hire, therefore, we only train in this environment. This ensures that when we have a new hire, the transition from learning to working is seamless! 


KMS Performance (main office) – 21609 N 12th Ave. Ste 600, Phoenix

KMS Performance (inside MTS Offroad) – 5909 W Latham St, Ste 101, Phoenix AZ 85043

Vast curriculum. See full course list here.

  • We are teaching the latest tuning platforms available and are always following market trends and implementing new ones.  
  • There is no upper limit to better. Therefore, we always look to expand our capacity to tune more exotic platforms which leads us to a continued education model 
  • Low cost – $150 per class 
  • We host these classes at cost and hope in return for our efforts, we meet great new Dyno Technicians that want to have fun, make money, make customers smile, and most importantly…MAKE REALLY BIG POWER!!! Curriculum (LINK TO FULL CLASS LIST)
  • Our offering is very vast and is updated often  

KMS DYNO Technician Certification

  • Level 1– must complete the following classes and have met MMI / UTI enrollment and Dyno class criteria (First Class is FREE!)
    • 9001, 9021, 9042, 9207, 9015, 9003, 9023, 9110, 9111, 9173, 9152, 9153, 9213, 9214, 9226, 9261, 9262, 9270, 9271 
    • after level 1 is completed and tested, prospect will be eligible for hire by KMS Performance
  • Level 2 Certification
    • HD 
      • Powervision 
      • Screamin Eagle or TTS
      • Thundermax or S&S ECU 
    • CARB
      • Japanese Sport or Harley Davidson
    • UTV
      • Must have level 2 completed for the following 
      • CAN AM and Polaris clutch tuning 
      • CAN AM and Polaris Powervision
      • Yamaha POWERCOMMANDER V 
      • UTV carb 
      • Must have level 2 completed for the following 
      • POWERCOMMANDER V, ATV or Dirt Bike 
      • OE Carb, ATV or Dirt Bike 
      • MSD or Dobek ATV 
      • Athena Dirt Bike 
  • Level 3
    • Must have all level 2 fields above
    • Must have over 200 assisted tunes with KMS Dyno Tech
    • Must have completed forced induction training in at least 5 classes 
    • Instructor status 
      • Chief KMS Dyno Location operator 
  • Level 4 
    • Must have completed over 750 tunes 
    • Responsible for tune file archive management 
    • Regional support manager  
  • Level 5 – Master Tuner 
    • Must have completed over 1500 tunes 
    • National support member 
    • Member of the design team for product development 

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