About Us


About KMS:

1998 – KMS Performance was formed to explore the possibilities of single cylinder boosting. We started with turbocharging the Honda 400ex. At the current time, there was no turbo solution available for any single cylinder worldwide. The consensus from almost all turbo system makers was that there was no solution.

1999-2000 – KMS Performance releases turbo systems in kit form

Honda 400ex and Bombardier DS650

These systems included intercooling, fuel injection with 3d mapping, closed loop operation, and were unparalleled for power.

2001 – 2005

*Release of the Raptor 660 turbo system (FI and intercooled)

*Release of the Honda TRX450 turbo system (FI and intercooled)

*Release of the YFZ450 turbo system (FI and intercooled)

*Many turbo system builders come and go, while KMS remains the number one turbo system builder for the ATV market.

*KMS embarked on the quest for ultimate endurance and performance.

It was decided to compete within any racing venue that would allow a turbocharged ATV. This was to test the performance potential as well as input to enhance reliability. KMS secured titles in Four Stroke Wars, Planet Sand National Sand Drags, and even went as far as Best in the Dessert! (Until we were outlawed)

Racing our product provided a method to better enhance the longevity of our product under the most punishment we could find. We incorporated this information into turbo systems to not only enhance drivability and power, but to make a product that will keep working in the harshest forms of use.


*Introduction of the Custom Turbo Build

After pioneering the way for single cylinder boosting, Kelly McLean decided that custom building needed to be incorporated. This would allow exploration into new and exciting turbo technology. So when customers called for kits not currently available, we would setup shipping arrangements and build a custom system specific to the intended use. The response was overwhelming. A steady flow of bikes were constantly being built and new tech came to the table month after month. By the end of the year, KMS Performance stopped offering kits to ship entirely and focused on exotic custom builds.


*KMS Custom Turbo Building

Our customers were looking for over the top builds that could be used as weekend warriors and boy did we deliver. Here is a quick snapshot of the some models we have boosted under our Custom Turbo Program:

DS650, Raptor 660, Raptor 700, YFZ450, TRX450, Predator 500, LTZ400, RZR800, Rhino 660 (supercharged), RZR900 turbo, RZR900 supercharged, Commander 800, Commander 1000, Maverick 1000, CRF450, KTM450, KTM500…and more!


*KMS Turbo Kits are now available in ship format!

After 7 years of creating custom builds, KMS Performance has enhanced turbo system tech that is many years ahead of the competition. Through custom building, we were able to analysis and maximize efficiencies in all aspects of a turbo system. Intake geometry, compressor piping structure, intercooling, plenum geometry, blow-off valve sizing effects, intake velocity stack geometry, header volume manipulation, muffler geometry and tuned length effects, and more. All of these areas affect the ultimate outcome of not only the performance and longevity of your turbo system, but also affect the feel. Our kits will offer unmatched power gains, incredible durability, and amazing throttle response (lag times under 0.20sec!)

“Because we have taken the time to understand how each individual part behaves and ultimately adds or subtracts efficiency (power) to the turbo system, we can create systems that truly stand apart from other “kits”. After 7 years of watching the small engine turbo market unfold, I am excited to demonstrate what it means to be KMS fast!”


KMS continues to grow and develop new products. Stream lined our services offered and keeping up with expanding UTV industry. Two dynos now on site for UTV and ATV applications. Harley tuning added and additional platforms like screaming eagle, hp tuners and more.


KMS moved into the current location on 12th Ave. This 5000 square foot shop, all under one roof, is now the premiere dyno tuning location in the north valley. Over 4000 tunes done and more vehicles added daily. Full load control dyno has allowed the UTV customer to get the best out of their fuel and clutch applications with KMS’s precision tuning.


KMS has partnered with MTS Offroad to expand their dynotuning capabilities by offering a second valley location. Now dynotuning in the south valley on 5609 W Latham at the MTS Offroad facility. A load control dyno installed in a custom dyno tuning cell; opened at this location on Jan 2019. More exciting things to come for KMS, stay tuned!