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2 in 1 tool

2 In One Tool

Kms Performance has redesigned the Yoshimura “Cherry Bomb” as a plug and play “2 in one” tool for the Suzuki LTR450. This tool shares the exact same features as the Yoshimura “Cherry Bomb” but also serves as a diagnostics tool for engine codes. The tool mounts to the frame of the bike and has a toggle switch for two modes. In one position, the “2 in one” performs exactly like a “Cherry Bomb” with increased rev limit and better ignition timing. In the other position, the “2 in one” switches the LTR450 into diagnostic mode to provide you with blink codes to troubleshoot engine codes. The kit comes complete with OEM style plug, OEM style mounting hardware, durable shock and waterproof design, and LTR450 engine code chart.

KMS discovered the difficulty of unplugging a Cherry Bomb to check engine codes after the bikes have been covered in mud and dirt. Racers need to get to the heart of a problem quickly during a pit stop. This will make the task much easier. This was a great solution for our desert racing customers.

The tool is a cost effective upgrade for the LTR450. The “2 in one” tool retails for $29.95. Which is cheaper than existing “Cherry Bombs” on the market.

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LTR450 Shift Pin Kit

Suzuki LTR450 Shift Pin Kit

KMS Performance has redesigned the Shift Pin Relocator Kit for the Suzuki LTR450

Here's the Installation Video:

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Curious about how KMS made the Shift Pin Kit? Here's video of KMS owner Kelly McLean describing the process.

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